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Arthomed stays on the cutting edge with innovative treatments for physicians to deliver to their patients.


Our technologies help patients avoid surgery or enhance healing when surgery is the chosen option. 


Clinical Publications


“Prospective, Randomized, Blinded, Comparative Study of Injectable Micronized Dehydrated Amniotic/Chorionic Membrane Allograft for Plantar Fasciitis—A Feasibility Study”



Our distribution partners are:

Amniofix is helping patients heal quicker and in many cases helping patients end painful injuries where other treatments have failed.

AmioFix is available in two varieties


  • ​AmnioFix Wrap

  • AmnioFix Injectable


* Veins and Arteries

* Homografts



Arthomed is focused on Innovative Healing Solutions for patients across a wide variety of specialties.  We are known as the first to enter what is now a billion dollar industry, Amniotic Tissue. We started our path in this area in 2007...many years before most ever heard of this tissue product.

Arthomed represents companies that share our high standard of quality and innovation.  Our representatives and agents are the best in their specialties and we have representation in the United States, Central America and the Caribbean.


Arthomed is the market leader for applications and use of Human Amniotic Membrane and the first ever to distribute Veins and Arteries in selected Central American Countries.  

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