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Arthomed Inc. is focused on Innovative Healing Solutions for patients across a wide variety of specialties and surgical applications.

Our focus is innovation! We are widely recognized as the preeminent distribution organization in the field of Human Amniotic Tissue, Veins, Arteries ,Cardiovascular HomoGrafts and Stem Cell products as well as traditional Human Allograft Tissues.  Arthomed has professional representatives in Florida, Puerto Rico and Central America.  Our company is positioned to be the market leader for applications and use of Human based tissues in Urology, Cardiovascular, Wound Care, Extremities, Burns, Spine, OBGYN, General Orthopedics and Pain Management -Sports Medicine.  


As a FDA licensed Tissue Bank and AHCA State Licensed Tissue Bank in Florida, Arthomed maintains the highest standards and follows the most stringent rules and regulations pertaining to Compliance, HIPAA and Anti-Kickback Statutes.

For seasoned representatives and Agents, contact Arthomed for information about opportunities to join our growing team of professionals.

For Physicians, our website will provide an overview of treatment options and a wealth of data to answer just about any question you might have about our products.  The future of medicine is evolving and Arthomed is constantly moving to stay ahead of the latest most innovative products for healing patients.  


John Sasko, CEO, Arthomed, Inc.



Surgical Applications


The AmnioFix® technology is being used as a graft to provide a barrier to reduce the amount of scar tissue formation, provide a local anti-inflammatory and help with the soft tissue healing of the area. A reduction of scar tissue is necessary if the patient needs to have an additional surgical procedure in the future as it may facilitate the re-access to the surgical site as well as help with scar attachment to the spinal dura. The graft may be used in a variety of spinal procedures including: Laminectomies, Discectomies, posterior spinal fusions, and anterior spinal fusions.



Amniofix Membane and Injectable are showing excellent results in helping patients heal quicker.  Whether used as a tendon wrap in the membrane form, or as an injection for soft tissue healing (plantar fasciatis, Achilles Tendonitis, Surgical incision healing) Amniofix has a growing number of surgeons seeing patients heal quicker.


Wound Healing
"The Epifix Human Amniotic Membrane acts as a magnet for the patients own stem cells" MiMedx RCT Published 8/13, Journal of Wound Care.
Epifix and Amniofix Human Amniotic Membrane is one of the fatest growing products in healing even the most difficult wounds.  The recently published RCT for Epifix showed an unparalled healing rate of over 90% in only 4 weeks.  Together with the fact that in most cases only a single graft was used, the MiMedx family of tissue grafts have proven to be one of the best alternatives to wound healing available.  With no special handling or storage, our tissue grafts are more convenient than frozen products or products in solution with short shelf lives.

Urology, Robotic and Open Radical Prostatectomy

In short, our graft has both the perfect size and consistency/handling to allow for easy placement in a Robotic procedure thus allowing for delivery and manipulation into the perfect position over much of the Neurovascular Bundle.  The entire delivery /Implantation takes about a minute and requires no suturing or anchoring.  Acceptance of the procedure is growing monthly and the results are showing to be very positive.


The goals and objectives of implanting Amniofix to the Neurovascular Bundle after removal of the Prostate are:


  1. Create a barrier which provides a better working environment for the final steps in finishing the procedure (anastomosis)

  2. Downgrade scar tissue formation and provide environment for better healing

  3. Deliver high levels of human growth factors  and Collagen to this sensitive area to enhance healing and expedite recovery time

  4. Provide anti-inflammatory to area to enhance healing

  5. Deliver “Purion Processed” Human Amniotic Membrane which was shown to act as a “Magnet for the Patient’s Own Stem Cells” in a recently published RCT Study in the International Journal of Wound Care.  The Unique “Purion” Sterilization Process is key to the success with this technique. The dehydrated Purion Processed Membrane has the strength to withstand wrapping around the tip of the delivery instrument and traveling down the tubes to the body cavity.    The “raised embossment” acts as a “corrugated box” that provides additional rigidity and “memory”…enough that the membrane unfurls for proper orientation and placement over the key structures.


Sports Medicine and Orthopedics

Amniofix Membrane and Injectable is showing great results across a variety of applications in orthopedics and sports medicine.  From injuries to soft tissue to OA Joints and surgical repairs and revisions, Amniofix is showing both physicians and patients that Amniofix Human Amniotic Membrane heals while downgrading scar tissue formation and inflammation.



Obstetrics and Gynecological (OB/GYN) surgical procedures encompass the treatment of diseases that may be related to the fertility of the female, pain caused by the reproductive system or cancer in the reproductive system. These procedures include the removal of uterine fibroids (myomectomy), removal of ovarian cysts, tubal ligations, endometriosis treatments, removal of some cancerous or non-cancerous tumors, and vaginal slings. These procedures may be completed through a transvaginal, abdominal or laproscopical approach.


General surgery

General surgical procedures include procedures related to the abdominal cavity. These include the intestines, stomach, colon, liver, gallbladder, appendix, bile ducts and thyroid glands. The amniotic membrane may be laid to enhance the healing of the soft tissue, suture line or anastomosis in open or laparoscopic procedures including hernia repairs and other general surgical procedures. AmnioFix® should not be used as a load bearing graft in these procedures.  Cryolife tissue grafts are considered the best in Vascular surgery for veins and arteries.  Arthomed experts in surgery know all the applications and step by step instructions for proper delivery and implantation of our implants.

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