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  • The example below is of a DFU treated with a single 16mm disc after 3 weeks.



Patient treated with Membrane Tissue graft




  • The example below is of a Wound treated by sprinkling Amniofix Micronized powder directly to Wound Site.  Picture after two weeks.



  • The patient shown below has poor circulation and has tried every possible graft option over past 6 months.  Nothing has worked.  Wound after just two weeks. Patient and physician amazed at the healing.









  • Bunionectomy 

       These pictures below are two weeks post surgery. 3 surgical sites.

       1.25 ml AmnioFix Injectable used over bone and at surgical site at closure.








Injectable AmnioFix used for incisional healing



  • Abdominal Tracking wounds

      The patient below had these abdominal tracking wounds for 

      over 5 months

      (video in video page of this website illustrates how they were

      treated). After six days closure and partial closure on several wounds.






  • The patient below had bi-lateral Bunionectomy. Right foot without Amniofix Injectable, Left foot WITH Amniofx Injectable. Left Foot shows greater tendon flexibility and more supple tissue vs. right foot.

Keloid Scar Revision

  • Patient presented with keloid scar after cesarean section procedure  

  • Using Epifix on 1/3 portion of original scar

  • Scar after Epifix use 

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